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Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

As a third-year high school student at JDHS, I am concerned with Proposition 3 on the upcoming ballot. Though I will be graduating with the class of 2002 (granted I pass the "exit exam") there are important issues that are being overlooked by these bonds, and will have a great impact on future high school students.

One big issue concerning me is textbooks (or the lack of). This year, it took 20 days before my American history class got workbooks, and still no actual textbooks are available to use outside of school. There are books in chemistry, however the students must share books with at least one, if not two classmates. It is difficult and inconvenient to photocopy the text, get together and do the assignments, or have a schedule of who gets the book, when. I do understand and agree that we need money for the auxiliary gym floor replacement and the heating/ventilation systems but what good do these do for us if we don't have textbooks from which to learn?

Aside from academics, there are also issues in athletics: Sharing textbooks is one thing - but sharing singlets during a track meet? Not only does that put kids in a frantic state to find a used, sweaty singlet before their event, but it's pretty disgusting!

Many of our teams are in financially dire straits. They lack equipment, uniforms and money for travel. There was one situation where a student qualified for state and was unable to travel because there was a lack of funding from the school, and his family. All of my friends involved in school activities work hard fund-raising most of the school year, and teams still manage to come up short.

I encourage all of you to - first of all - get out and vote! Vote yes on Proposition 3! But even as you do, think about the other important issues which are facing the schools. Mine are just two examples. We need to rearrange priorities, and find ways to improve the funding for our schools.

Brittany Rohm


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