Medical professionals need a proper facility

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

I recently experienced a life-threatening medical emergency. The EMTs who responded to the 911 call saved my life. The dedication, skill and compassion they exhibited has made a lasting impression on me. I have a new appreciation for the services provided by police dispatchers, police officers and emergency medical personnel.

But our hospital emergency room is sadly outdated. All the emergency room personnel were highly skilled and efficient, doing a wonderful job. However, having recently been in an emergency room in another city, I was shocked at how tiny and antiquated our facility is.

We are a regional hospital in the capital city. The day I was there five patients came into the ER from outlying areas. The medical-surgical floor was overwhelmed with admissions, again, like the ER, barely having room to accommodate all those who needed to be admitted. I had to wait several hours longer in the emergency room to be admitted, taking up valuable ER space, while extra nursing staff was called in to help with the overload of admissions. Again, all the floor staff was caring and professional, but the hospital room was tiny, crowded and outdated.

Emergency medical personnel and the hospital staff are here to support us in life and death emergencies as well as dozens of other surgical and non-surgical needs like obstetrics. It must be hard for employee morale to constantly have to "do more with less." The least we can do as a community is support their work by providing them with a facility befitting our regional location and population size and needs. If we want to attract and keep skilled medical professionals, lets provide them with a facility that supports them in their valuable work.

Wendy Hamilton


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