Douglas Dodgers? Juneau Brewers?

Posted: Friday, September 29, 2000

I appreciated the spirit of Bob Deering's thoughtful comments the other day regarding how to better spend the half-billion dollars it will ultimately cost for our 65 miles of asphalt to Skagway. But what absurd suggestions! Second crossing to Douglas Island? Light rail? Schools? Ports? Museums? Theaters?

As long as we have a half-billion dollars of someone else's money to blow, how about buying the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Of course, a premium franchise like the Dodgers would probably eat up most or all of our half-billion dollars, so they'd have to play on the high school field (or on one of the little league fields if the Crimson Bears are in town).

The other option is to build them a great retractable domed stadium. But then the stadium would eat up most of the half-billion dollars, so we'd have to settle for buying the Minnesota Twins or Milwaukee Brewers.

Anyway, just to let everyone know that the choice is not between a road or ferries. I urge all thinking Juneauites on Tuesday, Oct. 3 on Proposition 6 to write-in: Los Angeles Dodgers (and don't forget to punch it).

Donald R. Douglas


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