Why did state cover cruise?

Letters to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2004

After reading the article on Monday, Sept. 20, I am glad to see that a local private corporation has shown interest in Hoonah and has provided some locals here in Juneau and Hoonah with employment, but it is also my understanding that they have hired some from outside the state. My main question is to Gov. Murkowski: Why did the state of Alaska have to pay for his "private charter" of a state-funded ferry to Hoonah to see a privately funded business, especially when he has cut so many jobs and funds in the state already? You mean to tell me that for being such a big fan of the project that he could not afford his own private charter?

What other expenses for this private charter were accrued that day that will be paid for by the state?

Fiona Humiston


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