Pool not essential, but brings enjoyment

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2005

The upcoming local election has some very important issues that will impact Juneau for years to come. Not just the people we elect to represent us on the Assembly and School Board, but also the projects we decide to build with the 1 percent sales tax.

Infrastructure seems to be the buzzword of the day and I definitely urge everyone to vote for major improvements like airport, sewer, harbor, downtown parking and transit center. These are necessary projects that will help meet the current and future demands of this growing community. One of the reasons the 1 percent sales tax has been so successful in the past is because it has allowed the voters to select what project are most important to them.

In the past, local residents have chosen projects such as the Alaska State Museum, Juneau Convention Center, Eaglecrest, Augustus Brown Swimming Pool, Treadwell Arena and many smaller but no less important parks and recreation projects. These were not projects we needed as part of the infrastructure required by a city to operate efficiently, but projects that just plain improved the everyday living for Juneau residents. Just imagine what Juneau would be like without them. It would be a pretty dismal place to live.

The proposed Dimond Park swimming pool is one of these nonessential projects. It will not help the city operate more efficiently, but it will provide years of enjoyment for all of the residents who live here. If the swimming pool is voted down this October it will be years before this community has another opportunity to get this project built.

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