Abstinence education taught in Juneau
We just had a great abstinence education workshop here in Juneau on Sept. 16-17 for junior high and senior high kids in private and home schools.

Ten reasons Palin doesn't deserve job
1. She approves of sending her son to Iraq to kill Iraqis and steal their oil.

Tourist season survives bad weather, economy
The two big influences on this summer's tourist season were crummy weather and a crummy economy. But most tour-related businesses said they plowed through well enough.

Health inspector maybe rings once a year
The state just started posting restaurant inspections online. The Juneau-area health inspector acknowledges there aren't many up yet for Juneau; her program has been understaffed for years.

Photo: Sunday solitude
Amanda Gellhouse sips a hot drink Sunday as she sits under the Marine Park shelter.

Firefighters win bragging rights
Firefighters from around the state, in town for a conference, capped off a week of classes, drills and training with some friendly competition Saturday.

Police expect to file many charges against DWI suspect
Police expect to file "extensive" charges against a 38-year-old man who allegedly drove toward an officer after striking a woman with a van in the Mendenhall Valley on Thursday night, resulting in a multi-mile police chase.

Photo: End-of-season clearance
Zach Dull carries out a armful of clothing merchandise Sunday as Ron Phillips loads a van in front of Alaska Gift Cashe on South Franklin Street. The merchandise is moved to MIdnight Sun Gifts up the street, which stays open yearround. The locally owned shops have been in business for 11 years.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Drug trial in hands of the jury
The fate of Aaron Washington and Vonnie Williams, who prosecutors say headed a big-dollar cocaine business, is now in the hands of the jury.

Photo: Onshore fire drilling
Firefighters from around Alaska execute a fire drill Friday aboard the cruise ship Millennium. The emergency scenario involved a helicopter crashing into the ship and required firefighters to practice planning and executing search and rescue operations. The event was part of a statewide firefighters conference held in Juneau.

Around Town

Photo: Hitting the trail
Jill Weitz of SAGA breaks apart clumps of moss and dirt on the new Nugget Falls trail Saturday near the Mendenhall Glacier as she and others volunteer for National Public Lands Day. On National Public Lands Day, more than 120,000 volunteers nationwide helped build trails and bridges, pull invasive weeds, plant trees and remove trash.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town

My Turn: $700 billion and counting
Much of last week, I couldn't sleep at night. I spent all of the dark hours tossing and turning, worried to death about the Wall Street bankers. Would $700 billion or $1 trillion be enough to save them, I thought. How can I do my part to bail them out?

My turn: Keep Juneau a safe 'island'
Our mayor has been quoted, saying, "Insularity has some advantages." Indeed. Juneau has a lower rate of crime because we are not "on the road system."

Alaska editorial: Criticism of Palin in Troopergate doesn't imply Wooten support
In the Troopergate scandal, some of Gov. Sarah Palin's defenders have lost sight of an important point. It is possible to criticize the governor's original conduct and subsequent stonewalling, as we do, without giving trooper Mike Wooten a pass on his improper behavior.

Outside editorial: Bailout politics
The country is in grave economic peril. Government intervention is necessary to avert a credit-market collapse. If ever there were a time for politicians to rise above partisanship and petty squabbling, this would be it. Rubber-stamping the plan proposed by Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke would have been an unwise abdication of congressional responsibility. Instead, however, the opposite seems to be happening, and it is far more dangerous.

Don't shield us from unease
I'm ambivalent about Banned Books Week, which runs through Saturday. On the one hand, we clearly still need such a public affirmation, as the recent tumult over Sarah Palin and her "rhetorical" inquiries to the Wasilla public library show.

Alaska better positioned to weather financial crisis
"Could George W. Bush be the Herbert Hoover of the 21st century? Hoover was the guy who happened to be president when the Great Depression unfolded in 1932. I don't think what's ahead for the American economy will be a repeat of the Great Depression: In key respects I think it may be worse." I wrote those words here in December 2004. It took a bit longer than I expected, but unfortunately the debacle seems to be playing out otherwise as predicted.

Toe Toon
Cartoon by local artist Toe.

Sex education for mountain goats
Until recently, telling the difference between a nanny goat and a billy goat was most important only to another mountain goat.

Alaska weavers seek mountain goat wool
Got goat wool?

Coast Guard auxiliary to host seamanship course
JUNEAU - The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will host a Boating Skills and Seamanship course from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays from Oct. 6 to Nov. 17 at the Thunder Mountain High School commons, Red Hall.

Ravens entertain on Mount Roberts Trail
The hike up Mount Roberts began in the mist. Partway up, the mist turned to rain and several hikers broke out their umbrellas. The upper part of the trail was pretty muddy and could certainly use several loads of gravel. Above the tram terminal, past the snow-crooked mountain hemlocks, the lowering gray skies unexpectedly opened up and showed the hidden blue. Partly blue skies attended the walk up Gold Ridge. Hikers welcomed the vista all the way north past the airport.

Kenai fundraiser to help musher pay medical bills
Braxton Peterson is one tough hombre, not typically the type of guy to request assistance, but he's asking for help today.

Out & About
Today: High-power rifle and "sporter" rifle monthly tournaments, 9:30 a.m., Hank Harmon Rifle Range. Sign-up and target set-up starts at 8:30 a.m. Safety meeting at 9:15 a.m., when registration ends. $20 for Juneau Rifle and Pistol Club members. rifle tourney is $24 others, $5 juniors. "Sporter" rifle tourney is $25 others, $6 juniors. Details: Mal, 789-9025 or Steve, 789-1717.

Comprehensive Plan copies now available
JUNEAU - The updated Comprehensive Plan, following changes by the Assembly Committee of the Whole at its meetings on Sept. 2, 11 and 24, is now available online at www.juneau.org/cddftp/CompPlanUpdate.php.

Juneau man named firefighter of the year
JUNEAU - The State of Alaska Firefighter of the Year, Sven Person, was honored at the joint Alaska State Firefighters Association and Alaska Fire Chiefs Association annual awards banquet with a plaque presented by the State Fire Marshal Dave Tyler.

Delegation split on financial bailout
FAIRBANKS - The Alaska congressional delegation is split on a proposed $700 billion plan to rescue the faltering U.S. financial sector.

Assembly committee panel takes up bears
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage officials are trying to do something about the city's summer of bear encounters.

PenAir cuts back pilots, service
ANCHORAGE - Peninsula Airways Inc. has laid off 15 pilots and parked three of its turbo prop 19-passenger aircraft to cut costs.

Areas hit by summer storms to get aid
ANCHORAGE - A major disaster has been declared for areas in Alaska hit by severe storms, flooding, landslides and mudslides this summer.

Geoduck clam season begins Thursday
KETCHIKAN - State managers have set a harvest quota of more than 868,000 pounds for geoduck clams in Southeast Alaska, the largest guideline harvest level ever.

Palin returns tainted money from campaign
JUNEAU - Gov. Sarah Palin, touted by Republican presidential nominee John McCain as a reformer when he picked her to be his running mate, says she will donate to charity more than $1,000 in campaign contributions from two Alaska politicians implicated in a federal corruption probe.

Auxiliary to host seamanship course
JUNEAU - The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will host a Boating Skills and Seamanship course from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays from Oct. 6 to Nov. 17 at the Thunder Mountain High School commons, Red Hall.

Alaska receives $19.6 million for foreclosures
PORTLAND, Ore. - Alaska has received $19.6 million in federal grants to purchase and redevelop foreclosed homes.

Man gets 25 years for child abuse
JUNEAU - A Juneau man made a deal with state prosecutors Friday to serve 25 years in prison for sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl.

Airport evacuated due to bear spray
JUNEAU - The Juneau International Airport was shut down Friday afternoon for an hour while fire crews ventilated the building, according to Capital City Fire and Rescue Chief Eric Mohrmann.

Committee honors mauling victim
ANCHORAGE - A man blinded in a grizzly attack five years ago has been named Alaskan of the Year by the Governor's Committee on Employment and Rehabilitation of People With Disabilities.

Rough House kicks off
Marlintini's Lounge kicked off the 2008 Roughhouse Boxing season with six tough bouts. The main event was the quickest fight of the night with Bullwinkle employee Aaron "Red Baron" Tucker, 18, knocking out his friend, 21-year-old Charles Paul Bagoyo, 40 seconds into round one.

Bears fall to fourth in playoff seeding
They fumbled, they bumbled, but they did not stumble - technically.

JDHS runners first in 4A
The Juneau-Douglas High School cross country teams both placed first in their respective Region V 4A events at Ketchikan over the weekend.

Rough House Friday features miniskirts and mangled noses
Miniskirts, mangled noses and the manliest men in Juneau reduced to tears - the Rough House Friday Fights kicked off its 2008 season with a style all its own this weekend at Marlintini's Lounge in the Mendenhall Valley.

MacDougall, Krehlik take first in Pavitt's run
Pavitt's Health & Fitness 10K

JDHS-Colony football stats
Juneau-Douglas 22, Colony 19

The standings for this weekend's Railbelt Conference high school football playoffs were incorrectly stated in a game story on page B1 of Sunday's Juneau Empire.

Photo: Commanding cross country
Members of the Juneau-Douglas High School boys cross country team cheer on teammate Leah Francis as she shows a commanding lead crossing Ward Creek bridge Saturday at the district meet in Ketchikan. For race results, see Monday's Juneau Empire.

Sports in Juneau

Trial key: Did Sen. Stevens know about the freebies?
WASHINGTON - In the corruption trial of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, prosecutors want jurors to ask themselves this question: Wouldn't you realize it if your home-improvement contractor gave you tons of free stuff?

Palin's views on bridge, earmarks shift with times
So, what's the real story behind Gov. Sarah Palin and the earmarks for Ketchikan's so-called "Bridge to Nowhere?"

Palin meets the press and the reviews are not good
WASHINGTON - Sarah Palin finally fielded some off-the-cuff questions from the media this week - a campaign first - but it was her interview with CBS's Katie Couric that drew the attention, and the reviews weren't good. One conservative columnist suggested she should do what's best for the country and resign from the campaign.

AP investigation: Palin received special benefits as Wasilla mayor
WASILLA - Though Sarah Palin depicts herself as a pit bull fighting good-old-boy politics, in her years as mayor she and her friends received special benefits more typical of small-town politics as usual, an Associated Press investigation shows.

Subpoenaed Palin aides do not appear at abuse of power probe
ANCHORAGE - Seven of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's top aides defied subpoenas for their testimony Friday into possible abuse of power by the governor.

Charges in caribou slaughter may still be a few months away
ANCHORAGE - The state prosecutor investigating whether charges should be filed in a slaughter of caribou near Point Hope said the review could take a few more months.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Style, substance at stake in debate
WASHINGTON - One talks too much. The other hasn't talked enough.

Judge grants hunting preference to village
ANCHORAGE - A federal appeals court has upheld a decision granting a subsistence priority for moose in the Tok region to residents of Chistochina.

Count reveals no decline in Cook Inlet's beluga whales
ANCHORAGE - The number of beluga whales estimated to be in Cook Inlet off Alaska's largest city have not increased in the last year, leading critics to reiterate their call for greater protections over the objections of Gov. Sarah Palin.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

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