Americans have a right to be angry

Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Many in Congress have a problem understanding why their constituents have been so upset at town hall meetings. Could it be because:

• Congress ignored the signs of the failing economy that others could see, and then failed miserably at oversight responsibilities?

• Their constituents blame their unemployment and resultant loss of their home on a direct failure of Congress to do their job?

• With their homes "underwater," many people blame Congress for their failure to see the problem and do their job of oversight?

• They see their loss of thousands or millions of dollars in investment funds and stocks as a direct result of the failure of oversight responsibilities?

• Many now have to work longer because of these losses and put the blame on the failure of Congressional oversight?

• We are worried? We have worked hard and are owed the money we put into Social Security as we near retirement age. Social Security funds may not be there when we retire as a direct result of failed Congressional oversight.

• Congress and the President are pushing health care reform that will take away a health care system that has worked reasonably well for most of us. They want to implement a new health care system that will not provide the same benefits, will cost Americans more and may result in new taxes.

• Most of those in Congress who were in charge of oversight when the economy was going downhill are still in charge of these important oversight committees. They ignored the signs then - why should we expect them to be advocates for the U.S. public now?

Just one of these reasons is enough for any constituent to be upset, but we have been hit by all of them at once. Could it be that Congress is out of touch with the public and that the public is more in touch with themselves and their needs? Could it be that the path Congress is taking is not the same path that their constituents want to take? Could it be that the constituents have a better handle on how things should be run in Washington, D.C., than a congressional representative or senator? Could it be that the constituents want more oversight of Congress by voting them out of office, and Congress can finally see that?

John C. Wynne


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