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Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2001

Transportation and the freedom to travel. Critical for our nation, critical to our state and critical to our community. Howard Weed's Sept. 17 letter was right on target. So was Mayor Sally Smith when she urged the governor to repent and support the completion of the Juneau road access EIS. As you may recall, Gov. Knowles vetoed a legislative appropriation to put the finishing touches on a study that had been ongoing for years. By doing so he decided to limit Juneau residents and those who would visit us to water and air transportation.

But regardless of what the current governor does, we can increase the economic strength and security of our community if we prospectively elect people who actively and unabashedly support the development of a comprehensive transportation infrastructure. It's only a few days before our local election. Find out which candidates really support business and transportation development and which candidates just give it pre-election lip service. Come on, Juneau. Let's vote for those Assembly candidates who genuinely support completion of the EIS, the construction of a road out of Juneau and the construction, not just an interminable study, of a second channel crossing.

Tom Williams


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