Jeannie Johnson for Assembly, District 1

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2001

Two very solid candidates are vying for the District 1 Assembly seat. Tony Reiger and Jeannie Johnson have more in common than they have differences on the issues at hand. This will make the chore of picking one over the other very difficult for voters as both candidates have solid viewpoints on what's important to Juneau's future.

The candidates have been respectful of each other and have proven to be articulate and personable campaigners.

Juneau would undoubtedly benefit from the service of either candidate on Assembly.

Both candidates have taken positions in support of environmental responsibility, economic development, improved access, the Area Wide Transportation Plan, and feel strongly about their ability to unite the community.

Reiger has worked hard to address safety concerns around the airport and has been a strong advocate for the interests of the Mendenhall Refuge Advisory Group. He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and during his career he has been a teacher, an administrator and a counselor.

Reiger's reason for running for office rests on his belief that he can build consensus and help to revitalize the community. He feels strongly that Juneau suffers from paralysis manifested in the lack of positive movement on projects like NOAA, the second crossing and airport improvements.

Jeannie Johnson is a third-generation Alaskan. She is a real estate broker and serves on the Alaska Real Estate Commission. Johnson is also a pilot and serves on the Juneau Airport Board of Directors. She, too, has experience in education as a former PTA president.

Johnson has stated that her main reason for running is to bring Juneau together. She says that her background in real estate has taught her to be a good listener, mediator and negotiator. Her campaign theme offers her personal three C's: consensus, communication and commitment.

We give the edge to Johnson based on the value of her statewide connections and her broad understanding of how business and economics factor in Juneau's future. Johnson will devote the time, and energy necessary to meet the bold challenges that lie ahead. She promises to, "work to maintain a business-friendly atmosphere and a strong economic base while protecting our environment those elements that make Juneau a unique place to live and raise our families."

Johnson has the charisma and communication skills to connect with people across a broad base. We currently have solid public sector representation on the Assembly. The addition of Johnson will contribute to the stability and balance necessary to form an effective Assembly.

Please participate in the democratic process by voting next Tuesday

Don Smith


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