My Turn: Follow the way of the woman and mother

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2001

Considering the viewpoints of the patriotic, vengeful Father in all manner of government, media and editorial these days, I leapt at the opportunity to express the philosophy of the American Party of Women. As Mr. Spickler so wonderfully observed in his recent letter to the editor, the American Party of Women (APOW) "will make everything right in the world."

So, why isn't anyone listening to a woman's perspective? In the "greatest democracy of the world," why is it impossible to form a feminist party or elect a woman president? How is it we are cowed to support a system of great deception and disparity? Isn't it time we put an end, once and for all, to arbitrary use of violence against people and nature? And would you forfeit all the beauty and paradise of this earth, just to protect your honor in world matters, your legacy in history books, your mammoth sense of pride and ego as men? Oh yes, scoff, turn away, call me a "feminazi" or a "man-hater," but it is an honest question.

Why do you resist feminism? Our children can no longer swim in streams or walk safely to the park or corner store. Fewer of us can afford higher education, childcare, or health insurance. Increasingly, we lose loved ones to strange cancers, immune disease and simple preventive maladies. Property and profit are out of reach for many of us, and likely our future generations will be landless. Most of us just make ends meet. Our president forcefully promotes a world war the poor will likely wage, the rich likely profit from and the earth feasibly perish during. A world war, not to end terrorism mind you, but to enforce it, to spread terror, in itself. And no alibi or amount of patriotism will change this simple truth: Terrorism comes from wealth, power and control, and overriding self-interest, as bin Laden and the United States government equally demonstrate.

The American Party of Women contends that civil liberties are being overrun by business and science interests in this country. These "interests" weaken democracy and most arrogantly weaken our inalienable rights to life, liberty and property. To reverse this trend, APOW as a national feminist party seeks to reinstate natural law; outlaw war and violence of any kind; support healthy science and technology, and redirect human energy as advanced beings, to saving this planet. Farming, education, natural medicines, water and earth sciences naturally form a solid economic base, as opposed to fluctuating, disparate global market economies that serve an elite, power-mongering, war-mongering class of men. But first, this talk of "a new war against terrorism"?

Thursday's Empire features two articles focused on rationalizing terrorism - analyzing "the extent of computer modeling and physical testing," debating the sophistication of the terrorists, "pondering the precise cause of the towers failure, etc. - while simultaneously vowing "to fight terrorism." Fight terrorism? We represent terrorism. How else do you justify the CIA, the FBI, the DEA, and our vast military and espionage forces?

As an APOWer I particularly objected to the comment: "This kind of intelligence is not going to come from wandering down to the League of Women voters and see what you find there." You want "intelligence'? APOW would have dealt swiftly and intelligently with the Taliban - would have years ago - but not for the polluted, convoluted reasons George W. submits. The American Party of Women should rightfully negotiate this crisis with the Taliban for the simpler, far nobler reason that the Taliban commits hideous atrocities against women, and human potential. How would we negotiate? Naturally, we support the 7,000-strong Afghani women's militia, healthy science and technology, farming, education, natural medicines, water and earth sciences. More importantly, we conceive peace.

APOW's advice to all the seething fathers out there, feeling unduly maligned or challenged by this recent attack: Save your breath and listen! Your manhood is threatened, but not for the reasons you think. Your manhood is threatened because the truly unworkable paradigm conceived by your forefathers is now falling apart. And rather than stand silently by as the world is blown into the unimaginable agony of war and environmental holocaust, we intercede. Women and children - your families - have followed the fathers' course for centuries with little recognition for their own contributions, sacrifice and suffering. Toward true change, peace and balance, APOW asks for your faith, your support, your contributions and sacrifice to follow the way of the woman and mother.

Chris Joy of Juneau is active in the American Party of Women.

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