Paved with pork

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, September 30, 2002

The idea that a road to Juneau will save the Capitol is nuts. Those that want the move are not going to back off just because they can drive over 800 miles to go to work. In fact, the thought of the 60 or more avalanche chutes between Skagway and Juneau will cause most people to fly or ferry anyway.

I have always supported the Capitol staying in Southeast, but this road issue is starting to wear me down. The Haines/Skagway ferry routes are the closest to being successful yet are continually excluded from future planning because of this road issue. It's almost as if the system is being set up to fail just so a select few can get their preferred alternative. The costs of a road would put the meaning of "pork" on a different level.

The state is going broke and a toll road to Skagway is not going to help bail it out. A properly managed ferry, either state or privately managed, is the best alternative for the Upper Lynn Canal. For those of you who are using this as a political issue, I'd say be careful and look at the costs. A road is not going to save you or be the answer to your transportation problems.

Mike Korsmo


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