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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, September 30, 2002

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Friday's editorial from the Empire publisher was off base to question Frankie Pillifant's commitment to safe and efficient transportation in Juneau, when it has consistently been among her highest priorities. Under her leadership on the Juneau Assembly, we are seeing higher bus ridership, which equates to reduced traffic congestion. Furthermore, Frankie is not among those pushing for immediate construction of five grade-separated (diamond or cloverleaf-type) interchanges on Egan Drive because there is not yet a convincing argument that this type of freeway design will improve the overall safety of the combined Egan Drive and Glacier Highway corridors. It could in fact make it worse, for cars, drivers and pedestrians, not to mention expense. Frankie has demonstrated that she will promote projects that are well thought out, economically viable, and determined by the community to be in the best interest of our residents.

Odin E. Brudie


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