Matter of priority

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2003

There is a lot of tension in our schools these days as negotiations between the school district and teachers are in full debate. I agree with the school district that money is tight and choices need to be made. However, during tight times, the administration needs to get more creative rather than simply telling teachers there will be no cost of living increases and possible teacher layoffs. The district and school administrators need to remember their jobs are to support the teachers and the students. The children's education needs to be the top priority, not administration jobs. Perhaps administrative salaries should be reduced or positions eliminated, or non-essential training could be suspended. Maybe parents will need to volunteer for jobs that can be reduced or eliminated such as janitorial and fundraising.

It's a matter of priority and the kids as well as the Juneau community need good teachers and small classroom sizes in order for our kids to get a good education and be successful.

We can invest now in our children and provide them with a good sound education through the assistance of fairly paid, inspiring teachers. Or we can pay for it later when our children are dropping out of school, joining welfare programs or just not contributing to our community in a positive manner.

It's a matter of priority and teachers need our support. Kids need good teachers. Teachers need a fair contract.

Michelle Kaelke


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