Teens need work

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005

I am frustrated by the lack of jobs available to me solely because I am not yet 18. Am I lacking in some special maturity or ability because I am not of age? Why am I magically an adult and better able to work when I am 18? Are there some secret rituals that happen that kids don't know about?

I believe that anybody who shows a level of maturity needed for a job or the ability to do the job well should be a worthy candidate. There are many kids in Juneau that can't work right now because they are not 18, and the places that can hire them, choose adults instead. Employers seem to think that adults need the job more than the teenagers. If this continues, we will have many young adults who can't start a good career simply because they don't have a viable work history.

Dillon West


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