Doll is the consistent candidate

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005

We need to elect a candidate for the Assembly areawide seat who is honest and forthright, not someone who flip-flops on every issue. I've watched several forums now, and it's clear to me that Bob Doll's experience and clear thinking make him the best candidate for the job.

As an example of wanting to be everything to everybody, David Summers told the National Organization for Women (NOW) forum that he wants to be their "liaison to the Assembly." Summers described himself to the NOW group as a "conservationist." The erstwhile conservationist later told the Juneau Chamber of Commerce that he favors a road out of town, not exactly an issue embraced by the conservation crowd.

Summers advocated for moving the Glory Hole out of the downtown retail area on an Anchorage television news program, but when asked about it at the NOW forum he dodged the question, saying he would be a "bridge builder" between retailers and social service groups.

Summers eagerly answered questions at a Central Labor Council meeting he didn't have to attend, and yet he's quoted in Wednesday's Empire as saying he didn't seek union endorsements because he wants to "work directly with the people."

Bob Doll has a long record of accomplishments, from his 30-year Navy career to running the Alaska Marine Highway System and the Southeast Region of the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. Bob doesn't change his point of view for every new group he talks to - he voices opinions on issues. The voters need to know how someone thinks.

I am hopeful that the voters will value the experience and solid résumé of Bob Doll over a competitor who flip-flops at every opportunity.

Kimberly L. Metcalfe


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