Devolved into an elitist community

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005

Chuck Ramage's question to the community in his insightful Aug. 29 Empire article was, "Have we devolved into an elitist community?" Jim Powell, Democratic Rep. Beth Kertulla's spouse, and an important leader in his own right, told Assembly candidate Mara Early, a 23-year-old homegrown, college-educated, young minority woman to drop out of the Assembly election race. He said this so his favorite, 69-year-old, white male candidate will have a better chance to win.

Early rightfully responded that she is an example of the young people that community leaders say they want to attract to Juneau, through more affordable housing and jobs. We have heard the demographers say this group is underrepresented in Juneau, and we need them to revitalize the community.

We have devolved into an elitist community. Maybe we've lost touch with our own "coming of age" and political roots.

Paul Janowiec


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