Cahill isn't the communicator

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005

I find great irony in that Assembly candidate Joan Cahill touts herself as a "communications specialist" and as someone who will listen to her constituents. As the Empire stated in Monday's paper, she neglected to communicate a few little issues regarding past activities to her current husband. That's some kind of communication skill. Quite impressive. Perhaps she learned that in Rhode Island? I wonder how well skills such as the ones she demonstrated to her husband will serve the public.

I sat through the entire smoking ban process and found it very painful to watch Joan essentially argue against freedom of choice. That issue is water under the bridge, but now she's attempting to make Merrill Sanford look like the bad guy because he didn't vote in support of her proposal. Joan got what she wanted and now she's licking her chops at the opportunity for more. Her whole agenda was to tell people what's best for them. I don't see her attitude changing either if she wins a seat on the Assembly. When many of her "constituents" made it clear they were not asking for her help, she only pushed harder. She never did much listening. What happened to all those communication and mediation skills? Where did they vanish to?

Mr. Sanford listened and asked questions and in the end, encouraged us to think for ourselves. Simple and effective. This is what I'm looking for in an Assembly member. Last time I needed somebody telling me what to do, it was my very own momma. She never told me what to think either. That was left up to me. Joan wants to do both. I'll wipe my own nose, thank you. I have a brain, and I intend to use it to vote for Mr. Sanford on Oct. 4.

Pete Schneider

Auke Bay

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