Cahill worthy of respect

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005

I have even more respect now for Joan Cahill, having learned of her deeply personal history of abuse (Empire, Sept. 25). I am saddened, though, that such Karl Rove-style politics have come into play in a small-town election such as this. Whomever brought this information to light has a twisted sense of ethics.

Joan Cahill is a highly educated person and not a physical threat to any human being. She stood up to her abuser and is an advocate for the human rights of every Juneau citizen. She should not have been revictimized for such an inconsequential goal. We are all neighbors; politics in our close community should not be a brouhaha.

Steve Reese


Editor's note: The Empire conducts criminal background checks on all Assembly candidates.

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