A fluoride vote based on reason

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

I live in Juneau, have two children and take out decayed teeth for a living. Medical and dental experts in Juneau want what all citizens want: safe and effective solutions to health problems based on sound evidence, not emotion.

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The vote on water fluoridation on Oct. 2 is an easy one. The vote "yes" puts the decision to supplement the already naturally occurring fluoride in our water, or not, in the hands of the Public Health Service. This vote simply states that our city water will be fluoridated to a level determined by the Public Health Service, not me, not the city manager, not the city Assembly, not a store owner who sells overpriced fruit, not a naturopath who thinks a ubiquitous, naturally occurring nutrient found in all foods, water and the ocean, is not natural or good, and not the minor few who accept freaky science instead of good, evidence-based science.

Does anyone really believe fluoride causes cancer when the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society endorse water fluoridation? You don't need to sort through all the research to figure out which is good science or which are bad conclusions. The facts are in and water fluoridation is safe! Leave it to the Public Health Service to continue monitoring this issue and give us proper direction.

This public health issue should never be determined by the city manager, as it currently is. Let's put this important health issue in the hands of an organization who can truly, objectively, handle this: The Public Health Service. Vote yes on Proposition 2. As Ben Franklin once said, "The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason."

Charles Schultz

Oral, maxillofacial surgeon


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