Juneau should say no to fluoridation

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two doctors came knocking on my door last night, going through the neighborhood to collect signatures against adding fluoride to Juneau's drinking water. They resent the money pouring into Juneau from the American Dental Association, which is ignoring recent science about the bad effects of fluoridation.

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Meanwhile, I've done what any good doctor or dentist will tell you to do: I got a second opinion.

In the case of fluoridation, the second opinion is overwhelming opposed to adding this chemical to everyone's drinking water. As stated most simply, the public water system is an expensive, cumbersome and potentially hazardous way to deliver a substance intended as a medication. And now we are learning that fluoride can have unintended effects on bone density, tooth mottling, and perhaps even brain function in adults and children. Why knowingly expose everyone in Juneau to this chemical risk?

Those interested in fighting cavities should check and see what dentists are doing to promote dental care in a city such as Portland, Ore., where the entire population is not fluoridated, and where parents don't have to be warned to never give tap water to their babies.

The National Academy of Sciences is just one of many second opinions I sought. So I will pass on my local dentist's advice and vote no on Proposition 2.

Ken Leghorn


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