Fluoride affects thyroid conditions

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am one of the people in Juneau who will be hurt by the addition of fluoride in the water.

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I have an underactive thyroid, and will have to use bottled water for cooking and drinking if fluoride is put back into our water supply. Until about 50 years ago, people with overactive thyroids were given fluoride to suppress their thyroid function.

By coincidence, the number of people with an underactive thyroid has skyrocketed, starting about the same time that fluoride began to be added to the municipal water supplies. Most people don't know if they have an underactive thyroid, because general practice doctors just assume that people are fat because of bad diet and lack of exercise.

Another member of my household - my dog - also has a thyroid condition. Needless to say, I don't want fluoride to be added back into our water supply. I would also recommend that anyone who has gained a lot of weight despite exercising heavily should get tested for thyroid; if the results come back low-normal, insist on seeing a specialist.

Renate Riffe


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