It's time to build something for locals

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

It probably is a safe bet that whoever wrote that turf fields should be considered a luxury has never had a kid take a bad hop to the chops. Or watched as a ground ball to their kid died right in front of them when it hit a huge puddle of water.

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A wonderful playing surface with true bounces and proper drainage? What a concept! The Empire calls this a luxury. What do you suppose any of the kids that play on these fields would call them? I will tell you what bothers me even more than all of this, though. We can spend $50 million for more docks for tour ships but the Empire doesn't think we should spend money that will benefit kids. What is wrong with this picture? It has gotten to the point where nothing is too good for the tourists but to get anything built for locals is like pulling teeth. What a backwards town Juneau has become. Please join me in voting yes for the ballfields and yes for the pool.

Charley Larson


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