Build a valley pool for the children

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am in favor of the proposed pool and wanted to share my reasons with the community. I was in favor of the pool proposition in 2005 until I found out how many administrative offices and other nonessentials were added into the proposal.

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However, in comparing our population with other communities in Southeast Alaska, I have realized that the need is still apparent for Juneau to have another pool. In fact, it is practically a necessity in order to keep young families in Juneau. I do not live in Mendenhall Valley, but in Douglas. I still want a valley pool with ample parking and yes, a slide. Not five, but one.

Will I drive "all the way to the valley" to let my kids swim? Yes. Just as other moms in the valley drive their kids that whopping 12 miles to Douglas to take them to hockey lessons. I want to be able to sign up my child for swimming lessons without being put on a wait list. I want kids of all ages - from 4 to 94 - to enjoy a community pool that will accommodate Juneau. If you want to spend your taxes on something, save the money you would spend adding fluoride to the taps and let's put some chlorine in a new pool.

Sarah Wolfe


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