Fluoride no guarantee of perfect teeth

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

I just wanted to give a quick e-mail and add my two cents into this argument about fluoridation.

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I had to laugh when I read a sentence that Peter Metcalfe said about the subject. He said, "Yet the only certainty is that people who grew up drinking such water have strong teeth." Really? I grew up drinking water with fluoride, I even had regular check ups, brushed and flossed my teeth twice a day, and it was guaranteed that I would have at least one cavity at every check up.

After becoming an adult, the situation came up that I ended up on Medicaid, and now I do not get "check-ups." Yes, now I can go get up to $1,150 worth of dental care, per year. Four years ago, I went to the dentist because of pain, got x-rays and learned I had 13 cavities. Fluoride did nothing to help my teeth stay strong.

Just a week ago I took my child to the doctor, and of course he reminded me to vote Oct. 2 to add fluoride back into the water. I told him the same story I just told you. He said, "Well, it doesn't work for everyone."

What? Keep fluoride out of the water, out of my body, out of my children's bodies! Make sure to have the dentist paint it on your teeth as a topical treatment, which is safer, where it is effective!

I wanted to add one more thing, regarding Peter Metcalfe's mention of salt. Read this article whyfiles.org/111salt/index.html, and there are more of them out there. I cannot vote to control the industries' choices to add salt into everything we consume, but I can choose not to eat it, I can also choose not to add additional salt into my diet. Although I need salt or I wake up in the middle of the night crying because of leg cramps. Regardless, it is my choice.

Samantha Love


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