On turf, sales tax and mobile homes

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

The editorial opposing the turf funding was absurd!

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Providing safer baseball and softball fields (one each) for the kids in the town is a luxury. But a new boat launch ramp isn't? What's wrong with the half dozen or so ramps we already have? Or are we worried that someone might have to walk more than a few feet to get back to his $30,000 boat after it is launched? We already have one swimming pool, but a second is not a luxury? Especially when you consider that the proposed pool will only have six lanes so we will still not be allowed to host statewide meets.

Yes, let's all get behind extending the 1 percent sales tax so we subsidize housing and further erode the equity we have in our homes.

In regard to subsidized housing or the more politically correct term "affordable housing," why hasn't anyone suggested mobile homes, as being affordable? The reason is, by the time one pays the space rent and the exorbitant finance charges, an inexpensive trailer becomes a real huge expense.

If you want to propose affordable housing that the existing home owners can get behind and support with our tax dollars, have the city turn some of its land into trailer parks, and finance the purchase of trailers at rates comparable to 30-year fixed mortgages (6-7 percent interest as opposed to the commercially available 12 percent)

Michael Lavering


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