Rude treatment can push away customers

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

I read the letter regarding rude customers by Janice Erfurt on Wednesday and have to agree with the writer. But there is another side to that coin. I wrote previously about why I welcomed Home Depot and Wal-Mart. My six word slogan was "You should have treated me better."

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Recently, while paying for dinner at a local restaurant, I met the most rude female (the word "lady" does not apply). I was told if I didn't like her attitude I could go somewhere else. I said that would be fine, but I would be calling the owner to let them know what a rude waitress and employee she was chasing away paying customers (and no, I was not rude). She then said, "I am the owner." This was perhaps true, but as I told her, "If that's true, I am really sorry for this place."

Unfortunately, that experience is not isolated to that one restaurant. And when the customers start shopping elsewhere maybe the businesses will remember that's who butters your bread. The customers don't come to your business to be berated and treated badly. So as I said, "You should have treated me better," because I won't darken that restaurants door again. What a shame because they do have good food and the other staff are very professional. And yes, I will call back to see if she really is the owner. Maybe the rude businesses can have the rude customers and the good businesses can have the good customers and everyone will be happy.

Bruce Hale


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