Hood lacks experience and judgment

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have been following the local election and reading what each candidate has to say, since this is a crucial time for Juneau. We need to vote into office the most qualified people in order to maintain our status as the state capital.

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I do not know Randy Wanamaker, but he seems to be professional, qualified and knowledgeable in how the city operates and what is needed to operate. I have known Dixie Hood for several years, and she also is educated and, I believe, sincere in her desire to be politically active.

But it seems like Hood does not have a realistic view of what her role would be if she were elected or how to best serve the community. The most obvious example is her response to the League of Women Voters forum on Sept. 24: Her solution for keeping the capital here is to get rid of politicians who try to move it. Her direct quote was, "Maybe the governor and the Legislature need to be changed."

Hood has often stated that she is against the road and refuses to even discuss it. She favors improving ferry service instead. That is all well and good, but the ferry system is operated by the state, not the city, and any major changes need the support of the governor and the Legislature. Although I feel her intentions are good, I do not feel Hood has the experience or judgment to effectively represent the community.

Janice Schultz


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