Kendziorek has been impressive under fire

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thanks for the very informative reporting on the Chamber of Commerce luncheon recently attended by several candidates for the Juneau Assembly. I was particularly impressed by candidate Marshal Kendziorek's response to questions pertaining to the so-called Lynn Canal Highway.

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Kendziorek properly pointed out that discussion of the pros and cons of the matter is not only divisive, it's essentially moot, insofar as the possibility of funding the project was so remote. As a thoughtful, practical, and clear-eyed public servant on the Juneau Planning Commission, and as an honest and (considering the aggressive belligerence of his questioner) fearless candidate, I find he is just the sort of person we need on the Assembly.

Too, he's absolutely right on the merits of the question. I still have a vivid memory of Cordova in 1953. When I asked my Dad what those sticks with the little cloth flags on them were for, he responded (with appropriate Chamber-of-Commerce pride) that they were survey stakes for the Copper River Highway. Today, after 54 years and dozens of bitterly divisive community debates, Cordova still has no road.

So it is with Juneau. Far better that we concentrate our community's energy on positive efforts to stop capital creep, address our housing situation, deal with our waste disposal problems, and other issues that will improve the quality of life for all of Juneau. Kendziorek has demonstrated his ability to lead us in that worthwhile effort.

Phil Smith


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