Committee member upset with Kendziorek

Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

At the League of Women Voters' Candidate Forum recently, areawide Assembly candidate Marshal Kendziorek voiced strong and, I believe, highly unfair criticism of the Alaska Committee for its "ineffectiveness" in keeping capital movers at bay. It seems that Kendziorek is quick to criticize but slow to participate in solutions.

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Has he ever attended an Alaska Committee meeting? No. Has he ever given time or money to the annual Legislative Reception that is sponsored in part by the Alaska Committee? No. Does Kendziorek believe that Gavel-to-Gavel is a waste of time and money? Apparently so, since that is a joint project between KTOO and the Alaska Committee. Is manning a booth at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer and the Tanana Fair in Fairbanks another wasted effort of time and money? How about the new voter registration piece and Web site that invites new voters to learn more about their capital - more evidence of ineffectiveness?

The volunteer members of the Alaska Committee have attended Alaska Committee meetings as many as 24 per year for the past two decades. All of our 7 a.m. meetings are open to the public, and we have always welcomed guests and suggestions. But we have never noticed Kendziorek at a single meeting; nor has he corresponded directly with us about our efforts.

The volunteers of the Alaska Committee deserve an apology. Perhaps Kendziorek would like to take over the "ineffective" programs and show us all how it should be done.

Pete Carlson

Member, Alaska Committee


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