Cathy Muñoz takes action on housing

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As Election Day nears, we hear a lot of the political candidates speak about affordable housing issues. As a member of the mayor's Affordable Housing Commission, I'd like to let you know of one candidate who is doing more than just talking. That candidate is Cathy Muñoz.

Muñoz, as the chairwomen of the Affordable Housing Commission, has united the different interests involved in this issue. From nonprofits to land trust entities to for-profit interests, Muñoz is able to build consensus.

Under Muñoz's guidance, the commission has worked on extensive comprehensive plan changes that affect affordable housing, laid the groundwork for introducing an affordable housing overlay as part of the comprehensive plan, introduced a bungalow housing ordinance that allows for smaller homes and smaller lots, and recommended an increase in the number of lots that make up a minor subdivision. Our commission also is working with the city Community Development Department to make changes to Title 49 that streamline land development.

While the state of Alaska's efforts to create a housing trust have floundered, Muñoz has been a strong advocate for the AFHC sub-committee's efforts to create a local housing trust fund. This effort has great potential in bridging the gap to creating housing for the entry-level market. This effort is rapidly moving forward.

While some candidates talk about affordable housing and its effects on Juneau's home buyers and our economy, Muñoz is taking action.

Having national and international contacts is great; however, my vote is going for the candidate that will represent Juneau and provide our residents with help where we really need it.

Alan Wilson

Juneau Affordable Housing Commission member

President, Alaska Renovators Inc.


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