Who's got experience?

Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is experience knowing how to vote what the Republican Party and your corporate sponsors demand in exchange for a $1 million campaign chest, or knowing how to take the strings-attached one-half million campaign dollars of wealthy California Tea Party donors and the Republican Party?

Experience is living in Southeast Alaska in Petersburg and Sitka, living the road, roadless, ferry and air transportation needs of Alaska and pledging to better them.

Experience is living the energy needs for the city of Sitka, knowing renewable power is the future, and getting it underway.

Experience is being a deckhand on the Bering Sea, knowing how vital fishing and our natural resources are to Alaska.

Experience is bringing back civility, honesty, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility to the government of Sitka, living the knowledge that government is by and for the people.

This is Scott McAdams' experience: real life, a grassroots campaign, independence, honesty, hard work and respect for Alaskans by a down-to-earth, intelligent, caring Alaskan.

Ann Stephenson


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