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Lots of new fiction is coming out of the workroom this week! Here are a few of the new titles:

Women with ideas of their own
For many, the image of the American West has been dominated by male characters real and fictional, ranging from Jesse James to Geronimo, from George Custer and Gary Cooper to John Wayne.

Chauffers to Safety
Drunks, chronics, homeless or the forgotten - whatever their name, Eddie Quinto is going to help them whether they want it or not.

Support transportation
Transportation and the freedom to travel. Critical for our nation, critical to our state and critical to our community. Howard Weed's Sept. 17 letter was right on target. So was Mayor Sally Smith when she urged the governor to repent and support the completion of the Juneau road access EIS.

For the future
I've watched Randy Wanamaker work with our kids, first on the school board and most recently as a member of the Riverbend Elementary School Site Council.

Farewell, Portfolio Arts
I'm sure it has somehow gone unnoticed in the rush of all other things, but one of the really premier art galleries in Juneau has been forced to close its doors!

Experience plus judgment
I would like to write in support of Randy Wanamaker for the District 2 Assembly position. While both other candidates are also good people, Randy is the only one with experience in economic development and environmental technology, both of which are relevant to the Assembly work.

Library legacy
I am aware that on Monday, the city will consider buying a much-needed permanent site for the CBJ public library valley branch.

Easily understood
I want to thank Chuck Collins for his plain and simple answers to the questions at Friday's chamber forum for candidates. Chuck, your answers were straight, truthful and from the heart, unlike your opponent Jim Powell, who said he had to be careful in choosing his words. Your positions were easily understood. All I got from the opponent was, "I want to be clear that I don't want to be clear."

Time to choose
I have followed the recent letters concerning the proposed golf course on Peterson Creek on North Douglas. This, like all controversial issues regarding natural resource development, really boils down to a question of values.

Yellow journalism
Enough is enough! Three years ago Assemblyman Jim Powell's campaign for re-election mistakenly reported each of its expenses at the time its bill was received, rather than at the time the expense was contracted. This was in violation of the Alaska Public Offices Commission's rule which requires expenses to be disclosed on the date they are accrued, even if, in the absence of a bill, the campaign must estimate what the cost will be. The rule is a complex one, and APOC has stated that many candidates make the same mistake.

What would Jesus do?
In the past few weeks I have heard God's name used quite often, but I have rarely seen Jesus quoted, nor heard the question "What would Jesus do?" The following are the words of Jesus from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible:

Your job may depend on it
The time has come to choose who will be our new representatives on the Assembly. Your decision is critical to our community in terms of the direction Juneau moves. Will we foster an environmentally sound, business-friendly community? The choice will be made in the voting booth Tuesday.

Generation next
I came to Juneau five years ago from Ketchikan in order to attend University of Alaska Southeast. Shortly thereafter, I met Clancy DeSmet. Clancy was also a student at UAS and what struck me right off the bat about him was his intelligence, compassion and integrity. I have been proud to call him a close friend since then.

Campaign to divide
I have been a successful small business owner for 23 years with clients on six continents. As a citizen, my interests most often lie with national and international issues.

Go somewhere else
I marvel at times at what the city feels is its need to get involved to correct a problem where there is no problem. As they ponder what to do about second-hand smoke mostly in bars and restaurants, they admit they want to pass an ordinance they don't know how to enforce. Bars and restaurants are about the only public places that a person who smokes can do so, with the exception of their own home. You can't smoke in city, state or federal buildings. I see no one smoking at the malls, grocery stores or most businesses for that matter. If you don't smoke and want to go to a particular restaurant where smoking is permitted, then don't go there, leave the government out of it. Complain to the owner about his policy, if they get enough complaints they will change their policy. I don't go to a certain restaurant downtown because of poor service should we force the city to enact a Good Service Ordinance forcing all business to give good service? I would hope not. If you don't like the atmosphere, go somewhere else. There are plenty of bars, restaurants or whatever that will meet one's needs, but leave government out of this one.

There will be justice
As surely as there is life, liberty and opportunity in America and the will of Americans to protect these rights there will be justice.

Produce something positive
Thank you to Laurie Craig for her well-written comments in Sunday's My Turn. Although I've not spoken with her on the subject of the recent tone of comments in the Empire regarding a possible

Wanamaker 'can-do'
Andy Wanamaker is a "can-do" kind of person. He is just what Juneau needs in this period of stagnation we're in. Our school population is decreasing, our economy is slowing and some folks want to take away the Legislature, an important part of our economic engine.

Let us join together
I think Tony Rieger has it right when he says, "There are those in the community who want it their way. If you are not 100 percent for them (and their proposals), they accuse you of being 100 percent against them. And, that you will therefore be responsible for losing the capital." Evidently, according to Empire Publisher Don Smith those of us who support improved ferry service rather than a road up the Lynn Canal have "inward-looking vision for Juneau" that "fuels a statewide perception of isolationism that inhibits our chances of keeping the capital." Such a characterization distorts the meaning of everything I have said during this Assembly campaign.

Deserving better
I come from a family of journalists. My editor-grandfather won the Associated Press award for writing the best editorial in the nation when President McKinley was assassinated in

Support Jeannie
Voters evaluate candidates by their positions on a range of popular issues. Most candidates melt in a blur of conformity by election day.

Assembly considers library land proposal
JUNEAU The Juneau Assembly will consider a proposal tonight to purchase land in the Mendenhall Valley for a future public library.

Visitors center moves from log cabin
The visitors center in downtown's Davis Log Cabin has moved to a new location after 15 years on Seward Street, prompting some nearby merchants to wonder whether they will lose business next season.

Assembly to vote on smoking ban
JUNEAU The Juneau Assembly is scheduled to vote on an ordinance at a meeting tonight that would ban smoking in many more public places.

Around Town
Monday, Oct. 1

Park lifts restrictions in whale waters
JUNEAU Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve has lifted the 10-knot speed limit and mid-channel course restriction in Lower Bay whale waters.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Terrorism stranded new adoptive parents in China
When you have a newly adopted toddler in your arms, all you want to do is get home quickly and safely.

City candidates mull over golf course proposal, costs
While candidates for Juneau Assembly say a golf course in Juneau is a good project, none want to see the city help pay for it.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Juneau students learn about NASA
For most people, the term "NASA" conjures images of the space shuttle, satellites and other things speeding through the solar system. Students at three Juneau schools, however, now know the many ways the "space" agency impacts everyday lives.

September was warm, wet and windy
JUNEAU If you thought September was damp, you're right.

Fewer absentee voters show up at city polls
Absentee voting for Tuesday's city election is slower than last year, according to City Clerk Laurie Sica.

Around Town
Juneau events

Phillips to run for governor
HOMER Former House Speaker Gail Phillips announced today that she wants to be Alaska's next governor. But the Homer Republican will drop out and instead run for lieutenant governor if U.S. Sen. Frank Murkowski steps into the race.

Obituary: Dora M. Sweeney
Dora M. Sweeney died Sept. 30, 2001, in Juneau. At her request, no memorial services will be held. A full obituary will be printed at a later date.

Jeannie Johnson for Assembly, District 1
Two very solid candidates are vying for the District 1 Assembly seat. Tony Reiger and Jeannie Johnson have more in common than they have differences on the issues at hand. This will make the chore of picking one over the other very difficult for voters as both candidates have solid viewpoints on what's important to Juneau's future.

ANWR energy needed now more than ever
Alaska's last major disaster, the Exxon Valdez oil spill in March 1989, killed congressional approval for oil drilling on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Word Of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel.

Post-equinox appetite syndrome: eat, den
Recently, while we were all sleeping, the sun tiptoed across the equator and day and night everywhere were briefly about the same length. Not quite everywhere at the same time, but in a slow westward motion.

Word of Mouth
Word of Mouth

My Turn: Troubling trend toward uncivil discourse
At the Aug. 8 meeting of the Juneau Empire Citizens Advisory Board, our group of about 15 citizens received a verbal report on the status of efforts to move the capital. During this meeting, publisher Don Smith stated that he did not want the Empire to become a negative force in the threat of losing the capital.

My Turn: Threatened by West's commercial values
I am writing in response to the letter of Lisle Hebert which appeared as a My Turn on Sept. 26. In his letter Mr. Hebert identifies the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the basis for the Sept. 11 attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. He suggests that we cut off aid to Israel to force a solution, believing that, "the Palestinian issue has long been the fire that keeps Arabia boiling... ." While I believe there are several factual errors in Mr. Lisle's letter, space doesn't allow me to list and respond to them. I will, however, deal with his primary point.

Empire Editorial: Collins gets the edge for Area Wide Assembly seat
Jim Powell is making a run for his third term on the Assembly against political newcomer Charles M. "Chuck" Collins. A review of the two candidates is a study in contrasts. Powell is a seasoned politician hailing from a family with a deep political background. Jim's wife, Beth Kerttula, is our state representative, and CBJ Assembly member Frankie Pillifant is a first cousin to Beth.

My Turn: Follow the way of the woman and mother
Considering the viewpoints of the patriotic, vengeful Father in all manner of government, media and editorial these days, I leapt at the opportunity to express the philosophy of the American Party of Women.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau

Alaska State Cross Country Meet
Results from the Alaska School Activities Association's state cross country championships held Saturday on the Michael Janecek Trails at Palmer High School. The three-loop course is five kilometers (3.1 miles) long.

Alaska State Football Polls
Here are the Anchorage Daily News/Alaska State Coaches Football Polls, as voted on b

Sports In Juneau
Today, Sept. 30

Crimson Bear girls finish in third at state
Led by a ninth-place finish from senior Hilary Young and an 11th from junior Heidi Denton, the Juneau-Douglas High School girls cross country team claimed third place in the Class 4A state championships Saturday at Palmer High School.

Coyner finishes fifth in two world duathlon meets
After taking fifth place in his age group in a pair of world duathlon championship races last month in Europe, Wes Coyner returned home to Juneau last week with a list of goals for next year's world championships.

Juneau drops to No. 2 after upset loss to Service
ANCHORAGE -- Saturday was the type of day that makes being a high school football fan so darn much fun.

Middle School Cross Country
Results from a middle school cross country meet held on Thursday at Juneau's Floyd Dryden Middle School.

Service upsets Juneau
It wasn't easy being Service High green this season. At least it wasn't until Saturday. The Service Cougars football team finished a forgettable season with an unforgettable win, knocking off the top-ranked Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears 7-0 at Anchorage Football Stadium on Saturday.

Juneau volleyball team sweeps Ketchikan
The Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team had an easy time beating Ketchikan on Friday night, but Saturday it was a different story as the Kings pushed the Crimson Bears to five games before Juneau pulled out the victory at Ketchikan High School's Clarke Cochrane Gymnasium.

Borough of Haines receives $1.355 million Rural Development loan for library construction
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development program is lending $1.355 million to the Borough of Haines for construction of a new public library. The remainder of the $2.5 million needed to complete the project comes from matching state grants, foundations and local sources, a news release from Rural Development's Palmer office said.

Report faults ship's officers
When a crewman's hot water kettle set fire to a cabin on board the Holland America Line cruise ship Nieuw Amsterdam 16 months ago in Glacier Bay, officers and crew members rushed to take action.

Fairbanks, Anchorage airports to get help from National Guard
The Fairbanks International and Ted Stevens Anchorage International airports have already announced they will use members of the Alaska Army National Guard to enforce security, but the Juneau Airport is still in the process of discussing the idea.

Kenai votes on private prison
Voters go to the polls on the Kenai Peninsula on Tuesday to decide whether to prohibit a private prison in the area. Meanwhile, Haines Borough residents will voice their opinions on heli-skiing.

Court ends feud over debris, Bible verses
An unneighborly feud between a Ketchikan couple and an Oregon woman who owned rental property below their hillside home went all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court.

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