Let us join together

Posted: Monday, October 01, 2001

I think Tony Rieger has it right when he says, "There are those in the community who want it their way. If you are not 100 percent for them (and their proposals), they accuse you of being 100 percent against them. And, that you will therefore be responsible for losing the capital." Evidently, according to Empire Publisher Don Smith those of us who support improved ferry service rather than a road up the Lynn Canal have "inward-looking vision for Juneau" that "fuels a statewide perception of isolationism that inhibits our chances of keeping the capital." Such a characterization distorts the meaning of everything I have said during this Assembly campaign.

Juneau can be so much more than just another bump on the Alaska road system. My vision of Juneau capitalizes on the gem that we have here, as a uniquely beautiful and historic city, populated by a diverse, friendly, educated and creative people. Beyond protecting and improving Juneau as a place to live, work and visit, I see us reaching out to promote our region and our state. We are a hub of transportation, commerce, education, medical services, the arts and culture. Our ability to plan for measured growth, expand and diversify our economic base and maintain our unique quality of life has only just begun to be explored. This is a dynamic community, full of energy and ideas. And with the threat of terror throughout the urban centers of the world, we may also serve as an international refuge. The recently announced diversion of cruiseships from Europe and the Caribbean to Alaska next summer demonstrates that point of view. We are blessed to live everyday in a place others dream of. Let us join together and create our future!

Dixie Hood

Candidate for Assembly

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