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Posted: Monday, October 01, 2001

I marvel at times at what the city feels is its need to get involved to correct a problem where there is no problem. As they ponder what to do about second-hand smoke mostly in bars and restaurants, they admit they want to pass an ordinance they don't know how to enforce. Bars and restaurants are about the only public places that a person who smokes can do so, with the exception of their own home. You can't smoke in city, state or federal buildings. I see no one smoking at the malls, grocery stores or most businesses for that matter. If you don't smoke and want to go to a particular restaurant where smoking is permitted, then don't go there, leave the government out of it. Complain to the owner about his policy, if they get enough complaints they will change their policy. I don't go to a certain restaurant downtown because of poor service should we force the city to enact a Good Service Ordinance forcing all business to give good service? I would hope not. If you don't like the atmosphere, go somewhere else. There are plenty of bars, restaurants or whatever that will meet one's needs, but leave government out of this one.

James A. Reid


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