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Posted: Monday, October 01, 2001

I'm not endorsing anyone in the Wanamaker-Hood-DeSmet race, but the criteria that the Empire used to dismiss Clancy DeSmet is wrong. It is ageism, pure and simple. To dismiss him because of less experience basically says that under 30s are perfectly capable of voting, but we certainly couldn't trust them with deliberative bodies. What a bunch of hogwash. Most candidates, when they are on a deliberative body, find that they are working outside of their expertise. Everyone has a learning curve. And maybe it be useful to look at some of our problems around here with a new perspective. Often times experience means just doing the same old thing, in the same old way.

Becky Bear


I want to clear up a misconception regarding the candidate poll in the Sept. 26 Capital City Weekly. There was a printed assertion that I made "no response." In fact, I did submit my answers to all five questions. I did not know until a Wednesday-morning phone call that they were not to be included in the paper that day. I was very disappointed. This is the only way I know to refute the implication that I chose not to reply to the poll. If anyone has any question for me, I will welcome any calls. My thanks to the Empire.

Dixie Hood

789-2068, 586 2200


A friend of mine was so happy that I turned her on to my dance class, that I thought I'd share the news with everybody. Janice Holst teaches the most wonderful classes in ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, etc., with classes for both adults and kids of all levels. I'm especially wild about the ballet class on Wednesday at 6:30, and the two men in the class love it also. The classes are so convenient, at the VFW downtown. There's still time to sign up for this semester. Come join us!

Page Bridges


I'm extremely disappointed that the Empire published the ugly personal attack on Jim Powell and Beth Kerttula by John Bishop in the paper last week. I don't see any place for this kind of ugly attack in your publication. I hope that you think twice before publishing this kind of garbage in the future.

Andy Hope


My heart goes out to Chava Lee and the entire Jewish community for the fear, the terror, the memories and the wounds that have been reopened by the swastikas that have shown up around Juneau. That type of behavior and what it symbolizes is an embarrassment to me and to our community. I have been taught that we are to love one another, not love one another if we all are exactly the same. The commandment is to love one another. Blessings to you, Chava, blessings to the Jewish community.

Heather W. Bingamen, member,

Church of Jubilee


I'd like Pamela Dunker to know that this reformed smoker would dearly love to get pizzas and Coke machines out of the schools, and healthy food back in the schools. As far as her smoking is concerned, she's welcome to do it at home, but she's certainly not welcome to do it restaurants or where it will blow into my face. I have enough respiratory problems already. Perhaps, if she's so worried about being humiliated for smoking, she should quit.

Dennis P. Harris


In regards to Chris Joy's My Turn statement that she is a woman and a mother and proud of it. I am a woman and a mother of three and Chris Joy does not speak for me. Thank you.

Betsy Giles

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