'Frankie Pillifant kills'

Posted: Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Frankie Pillifant kills. Juneau Assembly member Frankie Pillifant, who is running for re-election, is a cold-blooded killer - she swats mosquitoes when they bite her. Don't you think my first sentence is misleading? It is.

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And so was Don Smith's Friday publisherial in which he wrote so many half-truths about Pillifant's voting record on transportation, the high school renovation, and Juneau Access. Here's the rest of the story.

Pillifant voted to finish the Juneau Access EIS, but she didn't support the road, just like Juneau voters decided two years ago. She voted to build the new high school before the JDHS renovation in order to save money, just like the Assembly-School Board Joint Committee recommended. Pillifant voted to use cruise ship passenger fees to mitigate the impact of tourism on our harbors, instead of increasing citizens' property taxes. Get the picture?

Frankie Pillifant stands up for the community in the difficult decisions the Assembly has to make. It's easy to take some of her actions out of context and paint a false picture of her record. But it does a disservice to Pillifant's hard work, her care about the community, and her regard for the everyday citizen.

One of Pillifant's greatest accomplishments during her first term was moving Juneau into half-hour bus service. Ridership on Capital Transit has increased dramatically, benefiting riders, local businesses, downtown parkers, and Egan Drive motorists. This serves the best interests of the whole population and positively affects the safety and efficiency of our road system. This isn't her only accomplishment - it's just one great example of how Pillifant has worked hard to make Juneau a better place to live, work and drive.

Pillifant's depth of experience and varied interests have helped to balance the decisions she has made on the Assembly during her last three years in office. When you vote for Pillifant, you are electing a mother who volunteers 10 hours a month at her children's school, a business owner, a mining expert, and a caring volunteer who spends her winter weekends teaching local youth how to cross-country ski.

I'm voting for Frankie Pillifant for re-election to the Juneau Assembly based on the whole picture of her accomplishments and overall dedication to our community. I hope Juneau voters will ignore the half-truths and join me in re-electing Pillifant for another three years.

Jessica Paris


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