Natives get shorted

Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Why am I not surprised of the outcome of this event? Especially when it comes from Mrs. Murkowski's own people, who thought it was wise to use this "timing" method towards the original inhabitants of this community/country.

For what interests and purpose of Berners Bay that would cause this kind of stir, and why is it so important that the Murkowski administration wants this land so badly?

To show this kind of behavior at the ANB Hall when called upon by Mrs. Murkowski's own people, and how they went about to gather the Native community, they should have known the word "respect." In the dictionary it says: respect: (n) admiration, high opinion, show consideration, (n) reverence, (n) value. Were these attributes shown during this public meeting?

I think not!

To want and to get any input from the Native community, you should have asked what the protocol to use before meeting with the Native community and trying to gather such information from the Native communities. Mrs. Murkowski's purpose of this meeting is a fiasco.

A word of advice for the Murkowskis and their own resource people: Try to show some humanitarian legitimacy and understanding towards the Native people because they have lived and breathed this great land. Granted, your husband may have been born in Ketchikan, but it does not give him that fact the both of you may have lived around Native peoples, but you really have not lived with the Native peoples.

So please, try not to use this timing method on the Native peoples of this great land; they have been through enough historical degradation.

Leimomi Matunding


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