Service makes a difference in election

Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I appreciate the service you provide to the community by publishing the Juneau Empire/League of Women Voters voters' guide supplement. I found the Sunday voters' guide insert instructive - especially when it came to the responses by the two candidates for mayor.

The most striking difference between the two candidates is that part of the individual resumes dedicated to "community service." It took 10 lines to list the services Bruce Botelho has provided in his 55 years. It took two lines to list the community services provided by Dick Knapp in his 70-plus years.

My choice for mayor is Bruce. I know Bruce will do the job. He's done it before - successfully fighting off the capital move and ushering in the mining industry. He's the no-risk candidate.

I appreciate Mr. Knapp's desire to serve, but more than that I appreciate Bruce's long record of service. I encourage Juneau to not take a chance on our future and to vote for commitment and experience - to vote for Bruce next Tuesday.

Marylou Elton


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