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Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2003

In Alaska

• In 1932, the Wrangell Institute, a boarding school for Alaska Natives, opened its doors.

• In 1939, Fairbanks radio station KFAR-AM went on the air for the first time as America's northernmost commercial radio station.

• In 1950, the Alaska Womens' Pioneer Home opened at Sitka.

• In 1952, radio station KJNO-AM signed on the air in Juneau.

• In 1962, the first edition of The Tundra Times rolled off the presses.

• In 1969, Gov. Keith Miller expressed his support for the planned nuclear blast on Amchitka Island, over widespread fear of a possible tsunami.

• In 1978, KTOO-TV signed on the air as the first public television station in Southeast Alaska.

In the nation

• In 1885, special delivery mail service began in the United States.

• In 1896, the U.S. Post Office established Rural Free Delivery.

• In 1903, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the home team Boston Pilgrims (Red Sox), 7-3, in the first World Series game. Boston, however, went on to win the series, five games to three.

• In 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T automobile to the market.

• In 1961, Roger Maris of the New York Yankees hit his 61st home run during a 162-game season, compared to Babe Ruth's 60 home runs during a 154-game season.

• In 1964, the Free Speech Movement was launched at the University of California at Berkeley.

• In 1968, the cult horror movie "Night of the Living Dead" had its world premiere in Pittsburgh.

• In 1971, Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, Fla.

• In 1993, in a case that drew national concern, 12-year-old Polly Klaas was abducted from her Petaluma, Calif., home by a knife-wielding intruder; her body was found more than two months later. A suspect, Richard Allen Davis, was later convicted and sentenced to death.

• In 2002, New Jersey Democrats chose former Sen. Frank Lautenberg to be on the November ballot in place of scandal-tainted Sen. Robert Torricelli. Publisher, philanthropist and diplomat Walter H. Annenberg died in Wynnewood, Pa., at age 94.

In the world

• In 1800, Spain ceded Louisiana to France in a secret treaty.

• In 1943, Allied forces captured Naples during World War II.

• In 1949, Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse-tung raised the first flag of the People's Republic of China during a ceremony in Beijing.

• In 1998, seeking to head off threatened NATO attacks, Yugoslavia's Serb leadership invited foreign experts to investigate massacres in Kosovo.

• In 2002, Iraq agreed to a plan for the return of U.N. weapons inspectors for the first time in nearly four years, but ignored U.S. demands for access to Saddam Hussein's palaces and other contested sites.

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