Channel Drive anglers need to be respectful

Posted: Monday, October 01, 2007

I work on Channel Drive, and every day during our breaks, my co-workers and I take a walk to get some fresh air.

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However, I usually find myself picking up yards and yards of monofilament fishing line, fly-fishing line, pop cans, beer cans, wrappers of one sort or another. I cannot understand why people leave huge tangles of fishing line lying around on the beach and sidewalk. There are garbage cans at both ends of this area and also in the middle. I guess these "sportsmen" don't care about the birds, otters, eagles, even people that become entangled in these messes. Monofilament line does not decay and go away.

I have also noticed the so-called "sportsman-like" behavior that seems to prevail in this fishing area. Several times this fall, I've watched as a couple of teenage boys caught a nice salmon, brought it up on the beach, smashed it's head with a rock then kick the fish back into the water. I've seen fish laying on the dock for over a week. There is blood, guts, eggs and gore all over the sidewalk where people have cleaned fish and not bothered to clean up after themselves. When I see people killing fish and then not even bothering to clean them and take them home for use, I begin to wonder if there are any true sportsman left.

There seems to be an attitude that salmon will always be there for us to use. If children are not taught to respect wildlife, and we continue to abuse this resource then someday there may not be any salmon. That of course goes for other wildlife too.

Perhaps I'm just getting old and out of touch with current trends. I've been here for 40 years and seen many changes in Juneau. I am sad and disappointed to see such behavior taking place. Could you at least put the monofilament line in the trash? Please.

Cathy Anderson


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