Gonzales busts out the big guns in Roughhouse opener

Posted: Monday, October 01, 2007

Anchorage's Cordereo "Gun 'em down" Gonzales won two fights Friday to open the Roughhouse Boxing season at Marlintini's.

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Gonzales, 21, defeated Juneau's Julio "The Haitian Sensation" Gregoire in an exciting main event which paired brute force against quickness.

Prior to the bout, both Gonzales and the 32-year-old Gregoire warmed up by springing to the ceiling from a standing position. Gregoire seemed to dominate the first round and landed the first blow after Gonzales missed and stepped into his hard right hook.

Gonzales looked lighter on his feet in the second round, weaving and keeping his gloves up but Gregoire still managed to land his big left hook.

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Check out highlights of the Gonzales-Gregoire bout and the entire Perkins-Dyson fight on Juneau Empire sports editor Tim Nichols' sportscast in the sports section at www.juneauempire.com.

Gregoire slipped multiple times in the final round after throwing and missing some huge punches. Gonzales responded by attacking the body of a tiring Gregoire to earn the win.

Gonzales, who says he fights to support his four little girls, went on to beat Anchorage mixed martial arts fighter Brian Ryan in an impromptu challenge match.

Here's a rundown of Friday's action:

• Juneau's Al "The Mean Machine" Perkins defeated Ketchikan's Bobby "Bo Bo" Dyson by close decision. The 43-year-old Perkins racked up the points landing more body and head shots in round one. Round two stayed even as Perkins landed a few more shots in round three to grab the win.

• First-time fighter Logan Henling defeated fellow rookie fighter Steven "The Aztec" Montantes Jr. in a powerful bout. Henling, 24, landed multiple hard right hooks while Montantes, 19, answered with repeated head blows in an even first round. Henling exploded from his corner at the round two bell, chasing "The Aztec" before swinging and missing a huge right. Henling recovered to deliver a combination that sent Montantes to the mat and through the ropes. When Montantes got up, however, he dominated the rest of the round and landed a left that sent Henling across the ring. The final round was also close as Henling earned the win. Both boxers gave all they had - by the final bell both fighters were sucking air as Montantes crawled to his corner.

• In one of the best fights of the night, 25-year-old Jared James defeated 22-year-old Kolt Garvey despite suffering a possibly dislocated right shoulder at the end of the bout.

James appeared to have an injury to his right arm early in the bout and used his left arm to jab in the first round.

• First-time-fighter Selina Slack defeated Erika "Baby Girl" Judson in a special women's bout. Judson, 18, came out swinging as she put her down and wildly attacked Slack's body. Slack, 24, stayed tough and knocked Judson to her knees later in the fight. Slack remained the aggressor in the final two rounds to seal the win.

Slack said she was fighting for the experience while Judson said she fought to show what she is made of.

• Another first-time fighter, 30-year-old Ryan Wong, defeated Anthony "Gonz" Gonzales in a heavyweight battle.

After even first and second rounds, Wong knocked out Gonzales' mouthpiece in the third round. Wong kept up the pressure to pick up his first victory.

• Despite being six inches shorter than his opponent, 19-year-old Norman Flood won his first-ever bout after topping Marcus Ulery. Flood ducked, dodged and weaved through Flood's punches while landing his own in the win. Ulery got in one right hook in the second round, but Flood held on for the win.

• Walter "Showstoppa" Brown, fighting because he "likes to work with people," defeated first-time fighter Doug Chilton, who was fighting because he "likes to make friends," in a heavyweight bout. After Brown landed multiple hard shots in the first round, Chilton came back swinging in the second round. Chilton, however, spent his reserve energy as Brown dominated the third round to win the bout.

Brown said his strategy was to "let Chilton punch himself out and then pick up the pieces after that."

• Hoonah's Eric Larsen defeated Sitka's Royal "Crown Royal" Hudsen by close decision.

Larsen knocked down Hudsen in the first round and withstood a barrage of punches by "Crown Royal" in the second round. In round three, Larsen pummeled Hudsen's body to earn the win.

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