Elect Muñoz for state representative

Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One candidate running for House District 4 stands above the other in understanding Juneau education, economic, and jobs issues. That candidate is Cathy Muñoz.

Muñoz is running a bright, intelligent and positive campaign, and when she speaks, it's plain that Juneau is foremost in her heart and mind. As a Juneau-Douglas High School graduate and the parent of two children, one in high school and one who will soon begin school, Muñoz understands that an excellent education requires reliable state funding.

Muñoz maintains that a return to the defined benefit system in the Teachers' Retirement System will help to recruit and retain excellent teachers - especially important because so many teachers will retire during the coming years, and teachers are being lured to take other public and private sector jobs. Muñoz also supports a return to a PERS defined benefit system to help retain public jobs in Juneau and move closer to fair compensation for public employees.

Juneau will receive its fair share with Muñoz representing it. Muñoz opposed Ballot Measure 4, the special interests that supported it and the attempt to circumvent state process. Muñoz understands state revenue and gas line issues.

Juneau desperately needs representation in the House Majority, and District 4 deserves someone who can have legislation enacted. This is a great year for Alaska and exactly the right year to have Cathy Muñoz elected to represent Juneau. I will be voting for Cathy Muñoz and urge you to do the same.

Tom Boutin


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