Wade Bryson is a leader, visionary

Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2008

To describe Wade Bryson, one would have to use words like family, leader and visionary. And in case you're not aware of who he is, I will tell you. Wade Bryson is the owner and operator of both your local Subway restaurants. He also is a candidate in the upcoming election for the areawide Assembly seat.

I met Bryson two years ago in an interview for my current job. He struck me as someone I would enjoy working for, but I had no idea he would become the best boss and mentor I have ever encountered.

In the time I've known him, he has become like a second father to me, and that is the case with many of his employees. Wade uses his experience to show myself and others the right path. His advice and answers are always about us and always correct.

If the way I have witnessed Wade run his stores and care for his employees is any indicator to the effect he could have on our city, it would be an injustice to not elect Wade Bryson.

Wade cares and wants to make it easier for all of us to continue to live and work in Juneau. I love Wade Bryson and will put my well being in his hands on election day and any other. I urge you to join me in voting for Wade Bryson for the Assembly areawide seat.

Tyler Kotlarz

Assistant manager, Subway


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