Eruptive Russian volcano spews lava

Posted: Tuesday, October 02, 2001

ANCHORAGE --- A volcano in the Russian Far East shot an ash plume to 38,000 feet and dumped hot rock and ash down its flanks, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said.

Mount Shaveluch, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, erupted over the weekend. The volcano, about 3,000 miles southwest of Anchorage, has been erupting periodically since last spring.

The latest episode began Saturday afternoon with an explosion that sent an ash cloud to 16,500 feet, the observatory reported. Three more explosions burst from the mountain over the next five hours. The largest eruption struck about 11:10 p.m. Saturday, triggering a condition red warning.

By Sunday afternoon, the 8,028-foot volcano had quieted. Observers in the Russian town of Klyuchi said clouds blocked the mountain, the observatory reported Monday.

The observatory reduced the volcano's warning to condition orange. That means another eruption could happen at any time.

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