Sanford, Summers, Green would work with lawmakers

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 02, 2005

It is great that individuals step up to the plate and run for Assembly. It is unfortunate that apparently there have been efforts by some candidates and others to pressure a candidate for the areawide seat, Mara Early, out of the race. She has added immeasurably to the discussion of the issues. It is important for our young people to become involved.

On balance, I am hoping that Juneau will return Merrill Sanford to the Assembly. He has done a good job to bring a balanced perspective to the Assembly and has communicated well with me in the Legislature on important Juneau issues.

I believe that Mr. Sanford, and the addition of David Summers and Drew Green to the Assembly, will help create a strong working relationship with my office and with the people of Juneau. I have talked with each of these candidates, and compared what they have said with others running. They have discussed attending to the basic needs of our community and will work to keep the capital in Juneau, where it belongs. We need affordable housing and job creation to allow young people to stay and flourish in a strong capital city. They strongly support economic diversification and supporting Southeast Alaska communities and industries, as well as maintaining our high quality of life that we enjoy here in Juneau.

I believe that these candidates can bring common sense to decision-making at the Assembly level on issues that affect us all.

Bruce B. Weyhrauch


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