Stevens should say why VECO involved

Posted: Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This is a response to the Sept. 28 article, "Stevens, worker at odds over fundraising."

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Lately, there has been a lot of back and forth between what VECO Corp. representatives and employees are saying under oath, and what Sen. Ted Stevens is claiming in the news.

Stevens' tack seems to be that everything VECO has done it did on its own and that he was unaware of any money it spent in his support. There is, however, a very simple way to answer all of these questions. Let's have Stevens answer one question and one question only. The answer to this one question should lay all the others to rest. The question is: Why was VECO involved?

Why were they involved in his home remodeling, and why were they involved in his campaigning? VECO is an oil field services contractor. Its specialties have nothing to do with campaigns or home remodeling. If he wanted to pay for all of the expenses he incurred during his remodel, he should have the contractors send him the bill. Why would VECO be thrown into the mix to "review" the bills before they were submitted to him?

The fact that it has been verified that VECO was used to at least coordinate the remodel tends to imply that it was looked to for management of projects. The campaign treasurer (Timothy McKeever) also implies this when he says, "I was very clear with them (VECO) to send us bills for everything. We wanted to pay all costs associated with that event. We got bills, which we were told for all services."

This statement implies that VECO was managing the details, much like with the house remodel, and was responsible for sending along all the bills. Why stick VECO in the middle? Why not have the service providers send the bills directly to the campaign?

So the question for Stevens is, why was VECO involved?

Patrick McGonegal


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