Help those students who need help

Posted: Tuesday, October 03, 2000

I am a junior at Juneau-Douglas High School. I think that whoever is putting together the Alaska State Graduation Qualifying Exam should do something about all the kids who have learning disabilities in reading, writing or math and qualify for some education services, and for all of the students who score low on the exam the first time they are tested. The state could provide some kind of class to help them gain the skills to pass the test the next time they take it. They could even put together some kind of study classes after school and on weekends for the kids who would like some help on the subjects that they failed.

This test could also bring their self esteem down by giving them the message they are failures. The fear and the reality of not receiving a diploma if they can't pass the test may make them depressed about not being able to get the job they want or not being able to go to the college they want to go to.

I like the idea of the test, but they seriously need to provide or put together classes for people who would like to study and get help for the test, have teachers try and take some time maybe out of their class to help the students and answer their questions if they can, provide special help for students with IEPs and provide information on what part of what subject they need to study.

Jessica L. Miller

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