Chop Gully dangers marked by new signs

Posted: Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Sign Pro and the Juneau Mountain Rescue Team have put their heads together and come up with warning signs for the flume trail to caution unwary hikers about falling rocks and crumbling shale in the area.

The rectangular, white signs were inspired by the fact that a 17-year-old tourist from New Jersey fell to his death during August in Chop Gully, an unstable area of rock slides and avalanches funneling down the side of Mount Juneau above the trail.

"We asked Sign Pro what they could do, and they said they were willing to donate their work," said Steve Lewis, spokesman for the Mountain Rescue group. Rescuers furnished a graphic of tumbling rocks, as well as an English warning about the dangers of climbing in the area. The wife of a team member came up with a warning in German for the sign.

"Two sets of people I have rescued off there have thought that (gully) was the trail to Mount Juneau," Lewis noted.

The first painted metal warning sign went up near the Evergreen Avenue end of the route about three weeks ago. Another sign has been posted near the pump house. Lewis has a third waiting on his desk until he determines the best spot. "We are getting pretty good response," he said last week.

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