Trail invigorates

Posted: Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Please take a moment to remember why we have chosen to live in Juneau. Is it for its beauty, its freedom, its clean air and water, for the safe neighborhoods for ourselves and children, and for the availability of recreation and work opportunities at our doorstep?

I agree with Mr. John MacKinnon that closing the wetlands walking area is unnecessary for the safety of our airport and Juneau. The wetlands dike trail is the most used recreational trail in all of Juneau. It allows folks to walk, run, stroll, bird watch, bike, bird hunt, run dogs, train dogs, play with children and admire the wonderful 360-degree vistas. The wetlands trail is a place that brings families together and gives us strength so we feel part of the larger community. It invigorates us.

There are other alternatives to keeping Juneau a safe place without closing down our recreational facilities. It is important to continue to live our lives with a sense of strength and togetherness and not be taken in by a sense of insecurity. I have been using the wetlands trail for well over 25 years. I can't imagine life without it.

Susan Andrews


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