Plea for safe water

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, October 03, 2003

I've been a teacher at Harborview School for 15 years. Last year I was in a classroom that did not have a sink or drinking fountain. Faced with the issue of dehydration for my students and myself, I personally bought bottled water for the year. The 60-some students in my room each day either had personal cups or drank from the paper cups available. They came in at other times in the day also for drinks of "clean" water. While tests have shown that Harborview's water is not a health hazard, there is a health hazard when students refuse to drink the brownish, interesting-smelling water that comes from all but the three drinking fountains with filters. Research tells us that brains need water regularly to function properly.

We also have had spontaneous pipe explosions from the aging plumbing system. Please vote for the bond issue on Oct. 7 to replace pipes and improve the quality of drinking water at Harborview, as well as meet important needs at Floyd Dryden.

Susan Baxter


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